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Like a wild mountain stream when the ice begins to melt.

Take the ride.

Float along.



Markus · Lead Guitar


Lucas · Bass


Mirko · Drums


Felix · Vox · Guitar


Patric · Vox · Percussion

Formed in April 2021, the 6-piece band quickly established itself as a fixture in the local music scene in southern Germany.

At its core, a Rock group with clear nods to the 60’s and 70’s. On closer listening, a potpourri of styles and sounds unfolds. Catchy salsa and Cumbia grooves that won't let any feet stand still meet soulful Garage and Psychedelic Rock in the finest 60s fashion. The always-rotating rhythms and intriguing melodies swell in every song to new heights, making it difficult to resist the ecstatic live sound. 

With their 2022 released 7-inch single "Shangri-La" at hand, the group aims to release their debut LP "Ecstatic Escapism" on the 5th of May 2023.  

An introduction to their world of energetic Psychedelia such as the colorful "Cosmic Love" or the vigorously rolling "You're Voodoo", and Latin infused hipshakers such as the dreamy Samba Rock "Strange Desires", or the hypnotizing Cumbia tune "Heat". With lyrics about the mystic but also the mundane the album shall give the listener a little escape from an ever faster spinning world.

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